About Aaron

As a proactive senior-level professional with an extensive, 20-year career background, I have established a reputation for developing functional strategies that successfully enhance financial operations and team productivity. I am an analytical, strategic thinker skilled in designing and organizing detailed plans to drive goal accomplishment. With exceptional drive as a mentor and superior communication capabilities, I am extremely adept at coaching personnel to a thorough understanding of company standards to create a productive working climate and ensure staff can independently solve problems according to the expectations of management. I pride myself on my versatility as a team leader and have continually demonstrated a strong understanding of complex scientific, financial, IT, and engineering concepts I am extremely motivated when it comes to continually tackling difficult concepts and integrating them into useful actions for process improvement. Using my well-developed background and extensive skill set, I am eager to partner with an organization in a position where I can implement effective change and development, leading teams to boost company performance.

All that being said Aaron discovered his true passion in numerous businesses including Hotels (anchoring a strong belief that customer service is the corner stone of any business), Logistics and Storage (grounding ideas into concrete processes that generate profits), Telecom (allowing the inner geek to play with toys and understand the importance/potential of the mobile environment of Web 3.0), and Real Estate Management (Making the importance of every dollar clear!). It is with all of those experiences that Aaron comes to the table today. A chronic tangential thinker Aaron brings a variety of perspectives to the table that allows him to see many angles to a problem and analyze the possible outcomes with great insight.