Entrepreneurial culture

What the hell is it!?

If I have ever had to listen to a term with less meaning then ‘entrepreneurial culture’ I don’t know what it is! That is a term for politicians who want other people to take the responsibility for the world that they created.

So don’t talk to me about entrepreneurial culture. Talk to me about entrepreneurial actions, talk to me about entrepreneurial clubs, events, lifestyle, stories, coffee shops, legends, facts! But talk to me about what two people do together to make stuff happen! Lets create systems and structures that help people want to risk life and limb to make a better world!

Here’s one let’s talk about a change to the tax code where we are innocent until proven guilty! Why scare people away from risk. I want to see you scare people towards risk! Lets make business loans easier on a smaller scale! Why is it so hard to get a 27000$ loan and so much easier to get a 250,000$ loan!

I did that I got a 250’000$ construction loan for a boring, uninspired idea! But I tried for over a year to get 30k for an inspired game changer that was novel at the time and couldn’t get more than a free cup of coffee for that! How crazy is that!

So until we can talk of entrepreneurial interactions that encourage people to become entrepreneurs, give the entrepreneurial culture thing a break!

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