How to loose thirty years of income in one easy step.

How to loose thirty years of income in one easy step.

Piss off your clients, by being arrogant and righteous!

I was fortunate enough to run into an old friend of mine who was at the sports center of her local university. In her window was her parking pass and when she came out she discovered…a parking ticket (dum dum duuuummmm). Upon presentation of her parking pass and the aforementioned ticket she was told “go and contest the ticket in court!”
May I say, she wasn’t impressed. All of a sudden a life long donor and supporter of the university is showing up at the ticket counter paying in loose change and telling the fundraising people where to shove it!

So let’s take a look at the math of that.

1 ticket = 35$
Average donation to a university = 373$
Over 40 years = 14,920$

Now I am not a chartered accountant but that seems like easy math to me!

Never forget your clients don’t need you.
-They don’t give a hoot if your employees are badly trained
-They don’t care if you are busy
-They don’t want your story about how you have to be fair to all your clients!

People are babies, people want to be special, taken care of and listened to!

Imagine the damage done at this place because one short term revenue service is being taken as different than the other. If they are thinking that the people who use the parking are “just” students and users…not donors. This one employee is destroying years of revenue at an institution of higher learning because he’s too lazy and righteous to do his job and say “I’m sorry, I screwed up!”

People forgive the humble but they hold a grudge against the righteous!

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  1. And then, everything can be fix the italian way…..must we…..hihi

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