Inventing your brand! What to Know.

Inventing your brand! What to Know.


The greatest act anyone can do is creation.  Brand is one thing that we are told daily not to do.  We are told not to pretend to be something else, be genuine, you can’t judge a book by its cover, blah, blah, blah.  Life is made up of people looking out their windows and judging things; the neighbours, the lawn, someone’s car, the computer that someone uses, you name it.  So what is a brand?  It is the greatest lie because it is a fabulation that you are going to choose to represent ideals.  Those things that we can never reach but that we fantasize about obtaining.

Here’s another thing: your brand isn’t for you. It’s for your clients.  People aren’t there for you!  As a captain of industry, you are there as the servant of the people.  You are not there to be served, you are there to serve the needs of the people, and they are there waiting for someone who will fulfill their needs.  Perhaps they don’t know that their need exists.  It may be your job to create awareness of the need and to communicate your brand and its ability to fulfill their needs.

Your brand is the thing you want to be.  So, when you start your company or when you renew your Mission/Vision/Values, you have the chance to invent what you want to be.  What your company could be.  It is an empty space that you will fill with actions that you will take in the attempt to become something greater than any one person could hope to become.

So what are you saying Aaron? Are you telling me to lie to people so that they’ll buy my stuff?

Absolutely not!  I am telling you that your brand isn’t about you.  It’s about the people who need what you have to sell, whether it’s a service or a product.  And it is the clients who need to identify with your brand as being part of their tribe, they need to see themselves in your brand.  If people don’t judge that you are in line with their values, their traditions, their ways, they will do business with someone else first because they will identify first with that brand and not yours!

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