Project managers? Who is trained for that!

Project managers? Who is trained for that!

It was a mild revelation that occurred to me, one morning, in the dusting of winter snow that was falling that day. But one of the most under utilised professional trainings that there is out there is stage-manager!

Think of what is required to accomplish the task of any project.

-Having the ability to organise complex activities
-Managing diva personalities
-Being able to organise thousands of objects in time and space.
-Coordinating people and actions in real time with picture perfect timing.
-Maintaing the integrity of a vision and a plan over extended periods of time, regardless of partners or participants.

While engineers, architects and contractors are taught how to deal with the mechanics of their professions, they do not spend years of gruelling pain laden hours of organising some of the most over complicated, disorganised human beings that roam this green and blue ball we call Earth!

So the next time you want to get something done consider giving the job to a stage-manager and watch the show go on!

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