The Lie of DWYL

The Lie of DWYL

The entrepreneur is perhaps one of the most privileged classes of society that exists.  But it is our job to remember that one thing is more important than any other:  The old adage of “Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day of your life” is the most acceptable form of class suppression that modern society has come up with throughout our history. DWYL ( Do what you love) is something that we tell our workers as a way of making them responsible for their choices.  As a consequence, it also removes our responsibility to take care of them as humans who lift us up to higher realms of possibility.

DWYL is simply a stupid thing to expect from those who are taking care of our privileged lives.  No one loves changing diapers; no one loves working in a sweatshop; judging by the turnover, no one loves working in a call centre.  What they love is having a life that they can live because they get paid.  It is our job to make sure they are paid a living wage!  One of the excellent memes that is doing the rounds right now is Walmart Vs Costco like the following image


The least we can do as business owners and entrepreneurs is make sure that we are creating a better world.  That is done by taking into consideration the things that we ask those below us to do!  I would never want to work in a factory in China.  But what we ask those that do, is to make the horrible choice between health and disaster.  I don’t think that those workers have passion and love of their labour in mind, more likely they are concerned with not dying of hunger.

And you know what?  There is great honour in doing what is necessary to make sure that the roof over your head is stable and the food on your table is healthy.  So, when you start talking about DWYL, keep in mind that you are perpetuating a classist argument, designed to rob people who don’t love their job, of their dignity and the respect that they deserve for doing the shitty jobs that we need to get done as a society.



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