Using what you have to charge into the future.

Using what you have to charge into the future.

It fascinates me how we give up when w have an “old fashioned” business model. These two young Croatians are a fabulous example of how people who develop skills can transform those skills into modern utilities.

Styles may change but people want essentially the same things.

We want to feel pertinent and we want to feel that you take us seriously. These two guys have taken a beautiful instrument that is associated with classical music and brought it right in to the modern era in a big way! In just one year these guys have gone from nobodies to international stars! With cellos!

No one would think of AC/DC, the Petshop Boys, or NIN and say Cello! But here they are garnering international fame and youtube videos with 14 million views. Not a negligible effect.

It is time to ourself what do you do? And how can you do it in a new way!

Here are some approaches.
-hire younger staff and ask them to solve problems, don’t help them!
-take the tools you have and ask friends to how they would use them to do something new.
-find clients that don’t use your services and find out why.
-find some people who use similar products or services and see how you respond to the job they need to do.
-spy on the competition and use good ideas that are working elsewhere.
-adapt solutions developed in parallel industries.
-find good ideas in industries that have nothing to do with you and use them in yours!

Go do it!


  1. What a great video…and message!

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