Build your Brand then screw your clients!

Build your Brand then screw your clients!

“The asset’s not the name.  It’s the quality.” -Harvey, Suits, The Inside Track.

I’ve started watching Suits on Netflix, and I realizes this quote relates directly to my forks…HUH?  Harvey is talking about a F1 motor company that is going to transfer it’s manufacturing overseas.  This, in harvey’s opinion will be disastrous for his client and he spends the rest of the episode trying to fix the situation.  Because the real asset is quality, not the name.

And now back to my forks, They’re Lagostina Stainless Steel forks for everyday use.  we bought them when we first established our kitchen and bought two sets of 8 to have the ability to have guests over and not have a mishmash of utensils because I am OCD in that area of my life…I don’t like mixing things: hangers, wine glasses, plates, things should be the same (my issue not yours).  So…Forks…I have two distinct sets of forks that were from the same model line and even purchased from the same store.

They are, however not the same, in fact it took me years to notice the difference.  but one set of forks are thinker than the others.  So for the same price I purchased half the forks that I did the first time.  They are weaker than the original set.  I was devastated to discover that I had been screwed by a brand that took me for granted that because I had purchased their product twice.  the first time I was impressed I went and spent the money to buy something that was supposed to last a lifetime…Now I question my choice. The Lagostina brand is now shot because now I have to protect myself from them if I choose to buy another product I have to ask is this the good line or the looks-like-the-good line?
Your brand is only as good as its ability to be reproducible.  I don’t care if you make junk or high-end; but, you have to make it consistently or your brand will be wrecked.  People want to do business with people that will deliver on consistency!   So make sure you are extremely consistant!

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