Don’t let no stop you, use those objections as a plan!

Don’t let no stop you, use those objections as a plan!


I’m going to show you two things here…so wait for it! Patience is good for the soul!

So I’m sitting down in front of one of my favourite clients and he’s coming back to me with the agreed upon check list of things that he had to do.

Just to set the scene for you a bit: this client works in a highly restricted field of activities…lots of regulations and laws controlling the way that their work can or cannot be performed.

Now, together, we hatched a super plan that required the assistance of a key partner to make my client’s product available in a new way. Then my client had to go talk with his key partner to see how they could start this new line of sales!

Back to my client’s check list,

“Aaron I have bad news.” He says ” we can’t do it. They have to have a unique contract and must be paid directly from the buyers account.”

“Okay.” Says me. “Why does that stop us?”

My client looks at me perplexed.

” your partner has just told you how to do what you want.”


Aren’t we dead in the water you say? Never! There are two things we have going on here one as a leader in your organisation your job is to be unstoppable. You are responsible for creating results. So you have to see what is behind a no. Perhaps we have hit the wall that everyone has hit before, or perhaps, we have proposed something so new that no one knows how to handle it.

So when the rep said “no, it can’t be done.” he was offering the menu how to do what we wanted. By doing the opposite of what he said.

Client needs a unique contract = annex to partner contract with second signature.

Client must pay directly from account = split payment from the buyers account. One for partners fees and one for venders fees. But the total is the same!

So objections are the opposite of what you need to do or they tell you what the client really wants. (I.e. Your rep was rude = be polite; your chairs are uncomfortable = use better chairs; you can’t use one contract = you need two signatures and a unique contract which could be an annex. )

So you can see that solutions are often hidden right in front of us. Don’t take no as failure and most of all don’t take objections as walls without doors, the answers are right there…95% of the time they are easy to I implement as well.

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