Empires fade! Is it worth the work?

Empires fade! Is it worth the work?

I was listening to a song by the Imagine Dragons, called “Ready, Aim, Fire!” and it got me thinking ( if you listen to it you’ll see why.

Why do we work so hard.  Empires fade, no matter what we do it will end and we will fade away.  So why should we get out of bed and do the work???

But although it is safe to play the Master Game, this has not served to make it popular. It still remains the most demanding and difficult of games and, in our society, there are few who play…Here it is sufficient to say that the Master Game can never be made easy to play.  It demands all that a man has, all his feelings, all his thoughts, his entire resources, physical and spiritual. If he tries to play it in a halfhearted way or tries to get results by unlawful means, he runs the risk of destroying his own potential. For this reason it is better not to embark on the game at all than to play it halfheartedly.

So asking the question of whether it is worth building an empire for the future, the inevitable answer is always no. No matter what we do, the fate of the human condition is that of death and passage. We can only work for ourselves. We can only be and create the things that we are called to create. As people no matter what we will fade away and so will what we create.

But if the question is: should I build an empire because I seek to create a world that I will be a part of? Or should I invest in creating the vision that I am called to make real? There the answer is yes! And a resounding YES! You must play that game.

As an entrepreneur or intrapreneur we are artists of the material, we are creators not of art on a canvas, but of art as life. The art of living is expressed through our daily action and we must strive to create the best world to live in.

And if you play that master game you will only be rewarded everyday and in every action because you are creating the world you want to live in! But don’t take that game lightly, it’s important and will eat you up if you cheat

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