Customer Satisfaction By Designing Satisfied Clients

If you like selling things, which you should in business, you want to make a business that is there for clients. One of the things that I know that I do when I set up a business is I set it up for myself. This is a mistake because you are on the other side of the wall. You need to break through the fourth wall and think like your audience. You can’t set up the perfect production process without confiding the people that are going to buy what you have to sell.

So we have to stop and think. We engage in a design process to make our business revolve around their clients and their expectations, or the jobs that those people have to get done. I want to have something to do in the car on the way to work…I’ll buy a milkshake; I want to be respected in my neighbourhood…I’ll buy a lawnmower; I want to be warm when I run…Marino wool undergarments!

It takes an understanding of what our customers want and what they need to be able to accomplish. When we have completely integrated this knowledge into our business model then we have a business that is set to go gangbusters because we are meeting our customers expectations and, today, even exceeding them!

This is the approach of the social age.  By being what your clients want they will talk about you and then they will promote you and you will succeed in a more organic and enduring fashion!

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